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3 Elective Credits: This class builds the Realtor’s skill set to help more buyers find additional home ownership opportunities in FIXER UPPERs. Older homes, homes that may need updating or repairs can become viable inventory with the right preparation, process and financing solutions. The key steps start at the first sales conversation

through project completion!

• Virtual Class Available

• Plan the best sales approach

• Do the right homework on the buyer & the property

• Educate and prepare the customer to buy.
• Monitor & Manage Efficient Fixer Upper Process Steps to get to the closing table as-is on time.

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Self Defense Techniques

Customize a self-defense course to meet your needs. Courses designed for: Women, Men, Children, Girls Scouts, Workplace, Travel and Private Training.

First Aid

In this course, you will learn: First aid basics, Medical emergencies, Injury emergencies and Environmental emergencies. First Aid instruction includes bandaging, bleeding, wounds, choking, shock, seizure, fainting, broken bones, sprains, burns, bites, stings, poison, and temperature-related conditions, to name a few. This program is for anyone with limited or no medical training who needs a course completion card in first aid to meet a job, regulatory or other requirement and is seeking an alternative to classroom-based training.


Critical concepts you will learn, Adult CPR and AED use, Adult choking, Child CPR and AED use (optional), Infant CPR (optional), Child choking (optional) and Infant choking (optional). CPR instruction includes high-quality compressions, airway management, breathing, and how to use a mask.

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Ethics 101 – 2 Ethics Credits + 1 Core - Virtual Class Available

NAR Code of Ethics & Standards of Practice, tests of ethical actions, fiduciary relationships, advertising, anti-trust laws, case studies, professional behavior.  SATISFIES NAR REQUIREMENTS FOR MOST REALTOR BOARDS

Two In One - 2 Ethics & 1 Fair Housing - Virtual Class Available

Fulfills the requirements for both Ethics and Fair Housing!  Meets the new mandatory CE Ethics/Fair Housing Credits for NJREC

Forms of Ownership – 3 Core Credits - Virtual Class Available

Review various forms of ownership, types of deeds and title, methods of transfer, constructive and actual notice; define real property, bundle of rights; limitations on land use, REITs, corporations, LLC, Real Estate Full Disclosure Act, Trusts, leasehold estates, land description

Solving the Money Maze – 3 Core Credits - Virtual Class Available

Designed specifically for real estate Professionals.  Get control of your finances, plan for retirement, take all your allowed tax deductions. Manage your money with confidence and success. 

Unlicensed Assistants: Helpers or Hazard? – 3 Core Credits - Virtual Class Available

Unlicensed assistants and agent teams can become the source of unintentional violations. Learn about potential problems that can occur when using unlicensed assistants and working with teams. This course also discusses activities that require licensing, rebates, gifts, and the allowable activities and limitations of Referral Agents.

Major Marketing Mistakes - 3 Core Credits - Virtual Class Available

Good ideas don’t always comply with the law! Learn advertising rules from social media to print including business cards, yard signs, common mistakes, “give aways”, gifts, puffing, TRID disclosure, rebates, warranties, unlicensed  assistants, agents held to a higher standard, REC record inspection, signage and more

Real Estate Documentation 101 - 3 Core Credits - Virtual Class Available

Written docs required by the NJREC for Brokers, managers and agency, the broker-salesperson contract, Fair Housing poster, CIS, Lead Based paint disclosure, property disclosure, informed consent, the listing contract, the sales contract, and leases.

Leases & Rentals 101 - 3 Core Credits - Virtual Class Available

Residential & Commercial, types of tenancy, basic requirements, property managers, CO’s, obligations of the parties, reversionary interest, eviction, security deposits,  NJLAD and Federal Fair housing, health and safety, Lead paint disclosure, Truth in Renting, lease with options, property managers. Guidelines to starting a Rental Division.

Escrow and Records Keeping – 3 Core Credits - Virtual Class Available

Responsibilities of the agent and broker/manager, NJ Real Estate Commission’s requirements for record keeping, which documents must be kept, for how long, how to safely destroy them.  Fiduciary responsibility, general vs trust accounts, commingling, conversion, escrows and refunds, inspections by the NJ REC.

Show Me Da Money - 3 Elective Credits - Virtual Class Available

Financing real estate transactions, the Primary and Secondary money markets, FNMA, FHLMC and GNMA, Compare VA, FHA and conventional loans, mortgage fraud, predatory lending, deficiency judgments, Various types of loans, the new TRID. Discrimination in lending  

Anti Trust Is No Game - 3 Core Credits - Virtual Class Available

The Sherman Antitrust Act and how it applies to real estate transactions, Identify potential Federal antitrust situations, words and phrases to avoid, create conforming office policies, Identifying Trusts and monopolies, reporting violations, legal counsel

Business Brokerage Basics - 3 Elective Credits - Virtual Class Available

Introduction to business brokerage; Calculating Return On Investment, Listing and marketing business and commercial real estate, financing, pricing the business, financials, legal issues, Bulk Sales Act and UCC. Tax Deferred Exchanges.

NJREC Statues and Rules - 6 Core Credits - Virtual Class Available

New Jersey License Law and the Real Estate Commission. Includes licensees’ responsibilities and fiduciary relationships with clients and customers, Licensed Business Relationship Agreement (required), licensing requirements, trust accounts, Guaranty Fund, Antitrust compliance, rules concerning real estate

Management Principles & Practices - 6 Core Credits - Virtual Class Available

If you’re thinking of becoming an Office Manager or are planning to open your own agency, learn what what it takes to maintain and supervise a real estate office and how to avoid the common pitfalls that occur through misunderstanding. 

NJREC Agency Refresher - 3 Core Credits - Virtual Class Available

How agency is created, False perceptions, Fiduciary relationship, the Consumer Information Statement (CIS), the CIS vs Buyer Agency Agreement and Informed Consent; Sub Agency, Disclosed Dual Agency, Referral Agents, types of agency, working with the For Sale By Owner and Disclosed Dual Agency, obligations of the agent, property managers and Antitrust

NJREC Fair Housing - 3 Core Credits - Virtual Class Available

The NJLAD (New Jersey Law Against Discrimination) vs Federal Fair Housing, prohibited practices in sales and rentals, HUD advertising guidelines, canvassing for listings, redlining, blockbusting and steering, equal professional services, responses to possible discrimination, Mt Laurel decision, affordable housing.

NJREC: Listings and Contracts - 3 Core Credits - Virtual Class Available

Essentials of a valid contract, the listing agreement as a contract, types of listing agreements, NJ LAD, property disclosure, forms of contracts, written vs. oral agreements, statue of Frauds, lead based paint addendum, estimate of seller proceeds, review the NJAR sales agreement, estimating value, buyer and seller agency agreements, buyer rebates.

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